Customs Coins Can Be Great Marketing Items

During World War I, custom coins were a useful item for discreetly proving membership to a certain unit. According to several old tales, a custom challenge coin was able to save the life of an imprisoned American soldier during a rescue operation. The challenge coin was the only item he possessed that served as proof of his identity, particularly as a member of the US armed forces.

Different Uses of Custom Challenge Coins

These days, challenge coins represent the organization imprinted on the coin, and army officers use custom challenge coins to promote team spirit, honor soldiers for their dedication, and improve their morale. There is even a drinking game based on these fascinating pieces of metal. However, challenge coins are not only popular in the military.

The recent years seem to prove that these coins are becoming increasingly known in the business world as they are considered valuable marketing tools for a broad range of industries. Custom coins are given out to participants of a conference, regular customers, or even to members of a company during a corporate retreat. When these coins are given in a souvenir box, they will surely become a treasured item.


custom coinsA lot of marketing items are not created to leave a lasting impression. Most of the time, marketing tools such as booklets, bags, and pens do not stay long with their recipient because they can be easily damaged. For businesses that are looking for marketing items that can survive for a long time, they can consider using challenge coins. These coins can be made out of brass or zinc, which means they are guaranteed safe from accidental damage. Because of their size, these coins can be kept in purses or pockets for so many years.

Building Product Identity

The use of custom coins is an effective and quick way for a product to be recognized. The company that wants to promote their product will be responsible for the design of the challenge coins. This way, they can be as creative as possible. They can create coins that can easily grab people’s attention and potential customers can immediately identify their product in the future.

Moreover, this will indicate that the company wants to use a different, yet ingenious approach to their marketing strategy. Although challenge coins are common in the US, most people who use them are members of the armed forces. If a business is able to create a challenge coin that stands out, they are sure to build an excellent product identity.

Collectible Items

The idea of owning a collectible item attracts many people. Everyone loves completing a set of something and this is an aspect that must be considered when making marketing items. Custom coins are collectible items and there will be customers that will do everything to ensure that they have the complete collection. The company can offer annual custom challenge coins to encourage customers to remain loyal to the business.

Prominent Item

In the US, challenge coins can be considered as a symbol of prestige. They are commonly given to dedicated employees, White House personnel, secret service agents, and members of civil service groups. Custom coins can signify that employees and customers are proud that they are part of the organization. Everyone loves the feeling of being recognized and custom challenge coins are an excellent way to recognize hard-working employees. As said, these coins can also be used as a unique gift to customers.

In all honesty, as simple as they are, custom challenge coins are a prominent item that can better stand out compared to other marketing items.

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