Lanyards that Fit One’s Personal Taste

Lanyards became popular because of the convenience they give to people’s lives. Ever since the 15th century, it has been used by the French military by attaching their whistles to it. In modern times, they are used to hold a person’s identification card or to hold USB devices. Keys can also be attached to it to prevent the risk of losing or misplacing them.

In factories, lanyards are attached to the equipment’s kill switch. If the operator becomes harmed or injured, the engine can be turned off by pulling the lanyard. Safety can be ensured especially for workers who operate a large machine.

lanyardsVarious designs emerged as time progressed. It is possible to customize the lanyard depending on the color, design, thickness and length. There is a wide range of materials that one can use in making a personalized lanyard. Wholesale lanyards also came into picture. provides a lot of online lanyard shops sell them in bulk orders. This is good as a business opportunity because once the products are finished, the client can sell the extra orders to other people. It is important that the design to be used fits the taste of other customers in order for them to buy the product.

Customizing a lanyard starts with choosing a material. There are six different kinds of materials. The first one is polyester. It is the most popular material used in a lanyard. It is also comfortable to wear and it is stylish. Any kind of design that a customer wants to put in this type of material is possible.

Another is the tubular style. It is the most economical style and it is made from tube-stitched polyester twill fabric that is similar to the fabric used in shoelaces. The difference between this type of fabric and the polyester is that it is thinner. Attachments are also available like the cell phone loop, thumb hook, oval hook, carabineer hook and no swivel hook.

A customized lanyard can also be made using woven polyester. It gives the product an elegant and clean appearance. The design is weaved into the lanyard itself which makes the quality more durable. This type of material is usually chosen for designs with text. On the other hand, the nylon style uses a silkscreen printing that gives the finished products a glossy effect. It is also very durable. A lot of color choices are available for any design.

Dye sublimated lanyards are more unique in comparison to the other styles. The imprinted design will not fade away easily. This is normally used for unique color combinations and complicated designs. The logo and design can be imprinted with accuracy and precision. It is more expensive in comparison to the other lanyard styles.

Lastly, the cord style offers the smallest width which is 5 mm. Despite this, the text is still visible on the lanyard. It has a simple yet classic look that is perfect for any purpose.

If a client buys from an online shop, the shipping is already free anywhere in the Continental US. The minimum number for wholesale order is 100 pieces and the maximum can be as much as 10,000 pieces or more. If a customer orders more pieces, then the company may offer a bigger discount. The client can also choose from three different widths like 5/8”, 3/4” and 1”. There are a lot of other attachments to choose from such as the thumb trigger, bulldog clip, key ring and swivel hook.

If the customer does not have any design in mind, there is also a team of artists that can create any artwork suitable for the customer’s taste. The good thing about customized wholesale lanyards is that the design depends on what the client wants. After all, the customer is always right.