Neck Lanyards: Hottest Accessories of 2014

Neck lanyards used to be just ID or nametag holders in companies or in schools. They have developed into a whole new trend as the latest accessories that serve many functions. Learn more why a lot of people have been getting their own neck lanyards today.


Neck lanyards can be very functional. At the end of every piece, there is an attachable piece that can hold keys, IDs, chains, USB and even mobile phones. It can be a good way to keep your small items together. This is a better choice than tiny key chains and fancy holders. It also prevents incidence of pickpocket because the valuables are placed right in front of you which gives a good peripheral vision to look after valuable items.

Easy to carry and keep

Neck lanyards are lightweight and handy. You can easily keep them in your pocket after use without worrying about folds, creases and wrinkling. They can be balled into a small roll and still look wearable anytime.

Low maintenance

They do not require incessant maintenance. Lanyards don’t wear off easily despite daily use. They just need cleaning once in a while. Unlike expensive necklaces and beaded items, you won’t have to buy a special cleaning solution to get rid of discolorations. Regular soap or detergent can make your lanyard good as new. The design is also embedded into the fabric so even after several washes, the images won’t wear out. Even the beaded type of lanyard is made from high quality cord so it won’t break off easily.

Novelty of designs

LanyardManufacturers always try to come up with unique innovation on lanyard styles and designs. Usually, lanyards differ in width, cord and material. Those that are less than an inch wide are often used in companies and schools as part of uniform. 1 inch lanyards can contain more intricate designs and are often used as accessories. Producers experiment with the lace width and material. Some lanyards have velvet laces, while some have dual designs that are reversible.

Event souvenirs

Lanyards from events are good souvenir items that scream “I was there!” Whether it’s from a VIP back stage pass during an elite concert or a major sports event you went to, they can be easily worn unlike souvenir shirts or jackets.

Completes any outfit

They add a touch of distinctiveness to every outfit. If you can’t seem to point out what lacks in your outfit, a neck lanyard should do the trick. Wearing it can instantly complete your daily look. They can also match all sort of get up whether you’re in formal or casual wear.

Safer than metallic accessory

It’s time to bid those bulky necklaces goodbye. Lanyards are now the better choice as neck accessories. Some metal necklaces can harm the skin in case of people with high acidity level. Substandard metal necklaces turn into bronze when in direct contact with acidic skin. Lanyards are lightweight and they pose no harm to users.


It adds a sense of identity to the owner. You can have a custom made design. It’s perfect for office, school or any group or organization who wants to have an identity symbol. Some designs range from letterings, statement designs, logos and even intricate handmade drawings. They are machine generated and appear exactly as they are in software.

Cheaper choice

Above all items mentioned, lanyards are a lot cheaper than other accessories. The Lanyard Authority is the perfect place to get your customized lanyards at wholesale prices. You can get a free quote for everything you need. Whether you want an embossed, full-colored, silk-screen print, heat press, polyester, woven, dye-sublimated or just blank lace, The Lanyard Authority has a wide range of choices for materials and designs for you.

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Lanyards have different uses depending on its intended purpose. Companies and businesses use it for their employees’ identification cards, and sometimes it is even considered as part of the company’s uniform.Visit for more information.